Tractor & Equipment auction


J.D. 7230 4wd w/CHA & 2915hrs


            JD 673 self leveling loader


J.D. 6430 4wd w/CHA & 4932hrs


            JD 673SL loader


J.D. 6115M 2wd w/CHA & 500hrs


            JD H340 loader


J.D. 6115D 4wd w/CHA & 2409hrs


            JD  563 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5325 4wd w/CHA


            Power reverser


J.D. 5225 4wd TLB w/1592hrs


            JD 542SL loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5100E 4wd w/CHA & 363hrs


            JD H260 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5100E 4wd w/loader & 1375hrs


J.D. 5085E 4wd w/CHA & 393hrs


            JD  H240 loader & Power reverser


            Buddy seat & 3rd function valve


J.D. 5085E 4wd w/CHA & 120hrs


            JD H240 loader


J.D. 5085E 4wd w/CHA & 710hrs


            JD  553 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5085E 4wd w/CHA & 1609hrs


            JD H240 loader


J.D. 5075E 4wd w/CHA & 834hrs


            JD 553 loader


J.D. 5075E 4wd w/415hrs & canopy


            JD H240 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5075E 4wd w/774hrs & canopy


            JD 553 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5065E 4wd w/CHA & 471hrs


            JD 553 loader & Power reverser


J.D. 5055E 4wd w/CHA & 12hrs


J.D. 5055E 4wd w/259hrs - ‘16


            JD H240 loader & Power reverser


            Single remotes w/R4 rubber


J.D. 5055E 4wd w/226hrs & Syncro


            JD H240 loader


J.D. 5055E 2wd w/239hrs


J.D. 4500 4wd w/1109hrs


            JD 460 loader


J.D. 4430 2wd w/cab


J.D. 4052R 4wd w/loader & 693hrs


            JD  H180 Self leveling loader


            Power reverser & Single remotes


J.D. 4440 2wd w/4 post


J.D. 4044M 4wd w/237hrs


            JD D170 loader


J.D. 4010 4wd HST w/280hrs


            JD 410 loader


J.D. 3203 4wd w/loader


J.D. 3038E 4wd w/loader


J.D. 3032E 4wd HST w/285hrs


            JD D160 loader


J.D. 2520 4wd HST w/172hrs


            JD 200CX loader & Canopy


J.D. 2240 2wd w/loader & 6579hrs


            Spear & Bucket


J.D. 1023E 4wd HST w/180hrs - ‘13


            JD H120 loader


J.D. 790 4wd w/JD 70 loader & 465hrs


J.D. 720 w/loader


J.D. 650 2wd w/1210hrs


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